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Codeweaver is a fully-functional integrated development environment for the scripting language of the Torque Game Engine.
  • Virtual file structure
  • Fully-customizable syntax highlighting
  • Visual Studio-style multiple document interface
  • "Infopop" quick function hints
  • Intellisense™-style auto-completion
  • Integrated project explorer ala Visual Studio's "object browser"
  • Export of syntax-highlighted code to HTML or RTF
  • Full printing/print preview support
  • Unlimited undo buffer
  • Integrated configurable macros
  • Bookmarking support
  • Fully-integrated debugging
    • Ad hoc breakpoints
    • Step through, step into, or step over support
    • Mouse-over variable contents display
    • Scope-level variable listing
    • Scope-level dynamic variable value assignment
    • Conditional breakpoints
  • Powerful regular expression search/replace
  • Collapsable code regions
  • Fully-featured software development kit so programmers can develop their own plugins
  • Complete code snippet management and sharing system
  • Source Code Control
  • Visual Studio 2005-style snippet system
  • On-the-fly syntax checking
  • Much more...
  • 100% Free

Complete engine object reference

Function-level Infopop™ tooltips

Unique variable-level auto-completion

Visual Studio-style tabbed document interface

Visual Studio 2005-style Snippet System

On-the-fly Syntax Checking

Fully-integrated debugging

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