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Latest Version Now Available - January 2014
  • Download TorqueDev 1.2 (January 2014)
    • win32/win64 - (zip) 3.5 MB

Source Code
  • Get the source code

Getting it working

  1. Unzip the source code
  2. Open the Visual Studio project
  3. Go to the Build menu and click Build solution
  4. Navigate to the bin (release or debug) directory where the executables are.
  5. Copy the contents of the SHIP_STRUCT folder into the the bin (release or debug) folder where the executables are. (Note: you aren't copying the SHIP_STRUCT folder itself, since that's already there; copy the contents, including all subfolders, into the appropriate bin directory. For example: BIN\Debug\SHIP_STRUCT to BIN\Debug)

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